Biokia's berries are handpicked to ensure highest quality and sustainability of the forests. In addition to local berry pickers, hundreds of foreign berry picker are also invited to come and pick berries during the season every year. We take responsibility for paying a reasonable salary for our berry pickers. All our operations comply with the ISO 26000 guidance on Social Responsibility.

Berries & Health

  • Bilberry

    Bilberries contain high levels of flavonoids, carotene, vitamins A and E and dietary fiber. By enjoying the dried bilberries you get the berry power of Finnish forests in an easy pack!

  • Sea buckthorn

    The fresh, orange-yellow berries of the sea- buckthorn are rich in vitamins C and E, fatty acids, vegetable sterols and carotenoids.

  • Cranberry

    With their strong aroma, fresh and acidic cranberries are high in phenolic compounds and provide a natural source of fibre and vitamin C.

  • Lingonberry

    Natural lingonberries are rich in vitamin B3 (niacin), trace elements, fiber and flavonoids. Lingonberries have a long history of being used in many ways, thanks to their great flavour and health effects.


Did you know that all the berries picked from the forest are not organic? Organic tracts are picked from carefully controlled areas, and the majority of the Finnish organic harvesting areas are Lapland, Koillismaa and Kainuu forest areas located in sparsely populated state countries.


No. 1 Organic Berry From Finland
Clean nature - that's where it all starts. Wild berries growing on the northern latitudes gather in the growing season a rudimentary initial force. The Northern Finnish forest is an ideal place to grow, clean and bright. A cozy berry for us is a climate-friendly super food that offers plenty of nutrients!

Biokia's Certifications

Biokia's Certifications